Lee Eun

이은의 작업은 도자와 회화의 언어가 절묘하게 어우러져 있다. 작가는 서양화를 전공한 이후 흙과 불에 매력을 느껴 20여 년간 흙 작업을 지속하고 있다. 기억과 담백한 정서에서 출발한 자기 서사를 시적 언어와 물성으로 치환한다. 작가는 손수 자른 흙의 파편을 불에 구운 후 색채와 형태가 미묘하게 다른 개별 단위들을 만든다. 그것으로 온전한 화면, 자신이 희구하는 전체의 화면을 구성한다. 작가는 매일 물성과 색이 다른 도판의 결을 자신의 감정선과 맞추는 일을 광활하고 유기적인 ‘바다’, ‘별’ 이미지에 빗대어 표현하며 그 속에서 자신의 세계, 자신의 언어를 찾는 여정을 지속하고 있다.

Lee Eun’s work exquisitely combines the language of ceramics and painting. She majored in painting and has been working on ceramics for more than 20 years because she has been attracted to clay and fire. It replaces the artist’s memory and self-narrative, starting from light emotions with poetic language and material. She bakes fragments of hand-cut clay over the fire and creates individual units with subtly different colors, shapes, and curvatures. It constitutes an intact screen and the entire screen she wants. She continues her journey to find her world and visual language in it, expressing the texture of the plating, which has different physical properties and colors, with broad and organic ‘sea’ and ‘star’ images every day.

Artist Information

This CV was updated 2024

Lee Eun 이 은



2008 BFA, ChuGye University, Seoul, Korea

2024 Bule Wave, Vblk & Artair, Seoul, Korea
2019 Sea, Gallery Royal, Seoul, Korea
2017 Sea, Artspace3, Seoul, Korea
2015 Sea, Artspace3, Seoul, Korea
2015 My Sea, Gallery iydo, Seoul, Korea
2015 My Sea, Gallery idm, Busan, Korea
2013 Solo Exhibition, Artspace3, Seoul, Korea
2010 Solo Exhibition, Gallery NANUM, Seoul, Korea
2008 Solo Exhibition, Gallery KOMAKONE, Paju, Korea

2023, TADE STUIDO Group Exhibition, Seoul, Korea
2021, Sansudo, Art Space 3, Seoul, Korea
2018 Kim Taikyun, Lee Eun Two person Exhibition, Gallery B'one, Seoul, Korea
2018 COLLECT, London, U.K
2017 ART CENTRAL HK, Hongkong
2014 From the buncheong Artspace3, Seoul, Korea
2013 Sympathy Art Space 3, Seoul, Korea
2011 MIX up+, Korea Ceramic Foundation, Seoul, Korea
2009 A nima-Animal : Gallery SOBAB, Yangpyeong, Korea
1994 Toart Fair, Seoul, Korea
1988 JEJAK Group Exhibition, KWANHOON Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1986 JEJAK Group Exhibition, KWANHOON Gallery, Seoul, Korea

National Museum of Modern Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea