POETICS of TIME : 이 상 민

이 상 민
Lee, Sang Min
2014. 5. 21 (Wed)- 6. 15 (Sun)
2014. 5. 21 (Wed) / pm 6

Artist Infomation

이 상 민  LEE, SANG MIN

B. 1966 in Korea

Graduated from the department of Arts Plastiques, Strasbourg Marc Bloch National University, France (MFA)
Graduated from the department of objet, Ecole supéieure des arts déoratifs de Strasbourg (Dep. of Glass), France(BFA. MFA)
Present, Professor of CHUNG-ANG University (Dept. of Sculpture)

2015 Art Stage Singapore2015, Singapore
2014 Galleryidm, Busan, Korea
Poetics of time, Gallery3, Seoul, Korea
2013 LEE SANGMIN WAVE Sculpture, JEAN Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2011 Galleryidm, Busan, Korea
The Landscape of Synchronicity, DaXiang Art Space, Taiwan
2009 INNO Gallery, Korea Korea
Contemporary Art Fair(KCAF), Seoul Art Center, Korea
2008 The Landscape of Synchronism, Vit gallery, Korea
2007 CROSS OVER, MOA Gallery, Korea
2006 An Image Dispersed into Time and Space, MANAS Art Center, Korea
2005 MOA Gallery Heyri Festival, Korea
2004 10th Manif Seoul Internatioal Art Fair, Seoul Art Center, Korea
Seoul Fine Art Festival SFAF, Seoul Art Center, Korea
2001 Manif Seoul Internatioal Art Fair, Seoul Art Center, Korea
The Bowl of Sound, Total Art Museum, Korea
2000 Espace Têe d´Or, Lyon, France

Korea Basic Design Group Exhibition Invitation Exhibition of the International Society Proceedings, University of Seoul.Red Brick Gallery
Korea Basic Design Institute of San Francisco
International Invitation Exhibition, San Francisco State University
From Seoul With Love Kunstverein Aschaffengurg, Germany
Post Paris, WE Gallery
KIAF, COEX, Seoul, Korea
Lina Gallery Sympathy, gallery3, Seoul, Korea
Sur-Fantasy, JEAN Gallery,, Seoul, Korea
illuminated, Shin Hwa, Hong Kong
Dragon Scales, Haslla Art World
Ttiangle IX Decalage Horaire, Palais de Seoul, Seoul, Korea
Busan Alternative Market of Art, Busan, Korea
Department of Sculpture, Gallery Jireh Korea
Galleries Art Fair, Coex, Seoul, Korea
Ammmi Art Museum, Korea
Nouveau Départ, Iang Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Steps on Balkan, Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade, Serbia
Exhibition of two Artists, Brûlée Gallery, Strasbourg, France
A Leap from the Deep-Sea, Sungshin Women’s University, Korea
Segye Daily 22nd Anniversary Show, Gallery Luminarie, Korea
8e Exposition Décalage Horaire, Gallery palais de seoul, Korea
Korean sculptors Association, Seoul Museum of art 2010 Spacium Tempus Alchemy Gallery, Beijing, China
Ceramic Art & Technology, aT Center, Seoul, Korea SOFA, CHICAGO , U.S.A.
Ewha Sculpture Assocciation WITH, Hanjeon Plaza Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Korea Art explore, Gyeonggi Atrs Center, Suwon, Korea
Seoul Modern Art Show, aT Center, Seoul, Korea
Application of Basic Disign & Art through the Generations, Kyunghee University, Korea
SHOW SHOW SHOW, DMC High-tech industrial, Seoul, Korea
Arts and Crafts Collaboration, Icheon World Ceramic Center, Icheon, Korea
Koeran sculptors Association, Seoul Museum of art, Seoul, Korea
Koera Contemporay Sculpture, View Cultural Complex, Seoul, Korea
7e Décalage, CERESTAR, Seoul, Korea The Echo Wave, Club Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Baum Club Fund, Baum Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Capital du verre, Brûlée Gallery, Strasbourg, France
Busan International Environment Art Festival, Korean
Cultural Center, Tokyo, Japan Art Encounter, Gallery Hannam The Hill, Seoul, Korea
ECHO gallery Zandari, Seoul, Korea
Hot & Cold with Glass Festival, Mokkumto Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Essentielle, Korea Art centre, Busan, Korea
New Wave 2009, MOA Gallery, Heyri, Korea
KIAF, Korea Internation Art Festival, COEX, Seoul SEA, Galleryidm, Busan, Korea
Lookng-Through, Baum Gallery, Seoul Exhibition of two Artists, Gallery Art Fair, Busan
Exhibition of two Artists, Seoul Art Fair, COEX, Seoul
L’art du feu, La galerie SEMA, Paris
ASIA-EUROPE, Hannover, Germany
Poems lie in the picture, Insa Art center, Seoul
Vision 2007, Gana forum Space, Seoul
City of Color Spectrum, Seongnam Arts center, Seongnam
In Between, Woolim Gallery, Seoul CROSS, Chosun Museum, Seoul
05 Sculpture Group, Gallery AGIO, Korea
Soft Power, Daejon Museum of Art
The Seoul Art Exhibition 2004, Seoul
Museum of Art, Seoul
Art in Life, Chosun Museum Exhibition of two Artists, Electric Power Corporation Gallery, Seoul
Overture 2004, White Elephant Gallery, Paris
Art Group ELEVEN, Baik Song Gallery, Seoul
Object & Reflection, Duru Gallery, Seoul
From East to West Global Art, Venue Gallery, Seattle, U.S.A
Glass Art Festival, Insa Art Center, Seoul
Plan of Contemporary Art, Daegu Cultural Center, Korea
Glass Art Society, Corning, New York, U.S.A
Contemporary Art Exhibition, GwangHwa Moon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
International Art Fair “Strat” 00, Strasbourg, France
Galerie Espace Swiss, Strasbourg, France

Chung-an University Central University R&D center , Seoul, Korea
Chung-an University Central University Main Building, Seoul, Korea
Hannam De hill Lobby , Seoul, Korea
Crown Haitai Confectionery ,Korea
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea Arte Company
Korea Embassy In the ltalian Republic, Italy
Company of Art Prise.com, Lyon, France
Creation of a cross for the Pfaffenhoffen Protestant Church, France
Young Won Trade Company, Korea
Fresco Painting, Tréfileries de Xertingy Workshop, France

1999 First Prize, Contemporain Art Japan, Bourguil, France
1994 First Prize at The International Snow Sculpture
Competition in Quebec, Canada
1994 Eurocreation Prize at the Pepiniere des Artistes, France

Installation View